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16th January 2018 
Links #01

Qualified Counselling

Below are some sites of people and companies that I have found useful both personally and professionally.

For courses, events and workshops in personal development contact Mind Body Spirit. The music events they put on have been truely special as well.
CLICK HERE to see what is coming up.

For personal development products, jewellery, and gifts contact Mind Body Spirit Direct. They have the most amazing selection of audio workshops from some of the most influential teachers.
To visit their mail order site just CLICK HERE and go browse.

For Homeopathy contact Vicki Steedman at Try Homeopathy. She practices from The Homeopathic Clinic in Glade Road, Marlow.
To visit Vicki just CLICK HERE to go straight to her site.

To get a map to Julia's location just CLICK HERE.